About the FPAA

The Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists was founded in 1999 by Rushden-based artist John Frederick Black. His works are in public and private collections in this country and abroad - including six paintings in the permanent collection of Wellingborough Council.

The aim of The Fellowship is to bring together people who share a deep interest in art and to foster and develop personal standards and practical skills through education, workshops and exhibitions.


Membership of the FPAA is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in art.

Currently there are 255 members - mostly from Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, but some from further afield including France, Spain and Italy. There are also a few writers and musicians - and the FPAA has a flourishing poetry group which meets monthly.


The Fellowship holds one major exhibition each year at the Wellingborough Museum. This is an excellent venue with superb facilities for the FPAA, as it attracts patrons of the museum to view the artwork, whilst allowing visitors to the exhibition to view the historical artefacts and displays housed within the museum.

Smaller exhibitions by members also take place at a variety of venues, including the Ibis Hotel in Wellingborough, which offers groups or solo exhibitions free of charge to the FPAA members. This venue is also used for lectures or demonstrations.

Members are kept informed of news and events through a quarterly newsletter and the FPAA website. The FPAA organises studio-based workshops in life drawing and general painting days regularly throughout the year.

There are also frequent day workshops for beginners, and master-classes are offered to Fellowship members as well as non-members. All tutors are highly qualified and established practitioners providing tutelage of the highest standard.



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