Join the FPAA

The value of being a member of the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists is greater than you might think. You become part of a friendly and enthusiastic community who all share a common and deep interest in art - whatever form it takes.

It is more than an art society - which is why we call it a fellowship.

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The benefits of membership

You can benefit from expert tuition and guidance at a range of painting classes and all day workshops led by our founder John F Black NDD, DLCA (Hons), ATD, ATC(Dist), MA (Manc), FFPAA, FRSA. This also includes life drawing sessions from a wide range of models.

You will also benefit from:

  • Our quarterly Newsletter: In Perspective - an update on news and events from the FPAA
  • Entry into the FPAA annual exhibition - an opportunity to display your work and maybe even make a sale or receive an award
  • Annual Fellowship Dinner and Luncheon - an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people
  • Practical Art Demonstrations - open to all, but FPAA members pay a reduced admission fee
  • Day trips to galleries and exhibitions
  • Opportunity to receive an externally assessed qualification - Diploma of the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists; Fellow of the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists.



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