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Dawn Harpin


Become an artist?

Have an artistic bent?

No way!

I did do a few art lessons at school though. My nursing profession has always been so important in my working time, but I always tried to have a good family life on our small-holding at the same time. Sometimes it worked.

When I retired I was given some lovely artist materials including an easel which gave me lots of things to think about and try out. Now my art has taken over and I try to balance that with my choir and family. I am lucky to have such a very good circle of understanding husband, family and lovely friends and art groups to encourage and support me in this.

I enjoy life drawing especially portrait work. Landscapes are improving and enjoyment of ‘plein air’ is very definitely weather related! I am trying out dry point etching, which intrigues me. Oil work is my very favourite technique; pastel takes a close 2nd place although I still like cleanliness around me - from my nursing days I guess.

Initially Marlene Snee taught and encouraged me as a talented teacher, and John Black has very much continued this. The FPAA was introduced to me through Marlene, and my husband Mike. With so much help from everyone - especially John - after becoming a member my artistic ability has been gradually growing. I still cannot believe that I have become a Fellow of the FPAA, have won 'bests' in the portrait section at our exhibitions, and won a trophy this last year. Wow...

Keep working hard.












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