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Daniela Scarfe

I was born in the beautiful city of Prague shortly after the Second World War. I spent my childhood there and I still love going back to see my family. I do not remember that I was particularly good at art at school as a small child - although occasionally, I liked pencil drawings to record a beautiful view or an object. I also liked being creative, making things.

I chose to study Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, intending to become a teacher. After my graduation and shortly after the Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia, I married a British citizen and have lived in England for the last 49 years.

I taught Maths and Statistics at British schools for almost 30 years. I always appreciated art and liked visiting galleries and exhibitions, theatre, cinemas and concerts, perhaps as a balance to my profession.

After my retirement I was drawn to art more and more. I was never trained as an artist but wanted to have a go. Initially, it was very therapeutic and helped me to get adjusted to the slower pace of life in retirement after hectic full-time teaching.

My first attempts were patterns. Every day while I used to travel to work I was drawn to a pattern of buildings on the horizon approaching Kettering. I attempted this view as a geometry pattern. Later I was happier to record more realistic views based on my photographs. I use mainly acrylics.

I enjoy painting a range of subjects including flowers and animals, especially domestic ones like hens, geese, cats and dogs. Some of my pictures capture the beautiful architecture of Prague and other places in Britain and abroad. I and my husband love both walking and the countryside and many of my pictures depict the beauty of the scenery around. My tutor John Black encouraged me to try portrait painting and I now enjoy capturing the various stages of our granddaughter’s life. I also did portraits of some of our family members. I even had the audacity to draw a portrait of our tutor!

I have now been painting for the last 15 years. I look forward to my weekly sessions in the Village Art Group and seeing my new wonderful circle of friends.

Painting has helped me to overcome some turmoils in my life, but also it depicts many joyous times.


Granddaughter aged 3



Geese in Winter



Charles Bridge, Prague

Winter Scene



Venice Bridge



View of Prague Castle



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