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Graham Plant

Graham has known John Black for many years and has been a member of the FPAA since its inception. His main interest is the depiction of the human figure, and he is a regular participant at the Wednesday and Thursday evening Life Drawing sessions. His handling of his chosen medium, pastels, is quite masterly.

Graham started life as an engineer, but later went to the City of Leicester College of Education and became an art teacher.

Interview with Graham Plant, July 2014

Brenda: Have you always been interested in painting and drawing?
Graham: Even as a child during the war I would draw and paint whenever paper and paints could be found.

Brenda: Were you able to pursue an art career when you left school?
Graham: No. When I left Kettering Central school, a teacher persuaded me that Art was not a suitable career and I became an engineer in the Iron and Steel industry and later the Air Ministry. However, Art was still pulling me and I eventually decided to attend The City of Leicester College of Education at Scraptoft to train to teach Art and Physics. From 1969 to 1994 I taught Art at Beanfield Comprehensive School in Corby.

Brenda: Did your personal art education go any further?
Graham: Yes. In 1985 I was seconded to Goldsmiths College to take an ATD and in 1986 obtained a BA in Art History from the Open University. During this time I moderated GCSE Art whilst teaching. From 1995 to 2001 I taught at Bedford Retirement Centre and was also an area Moderator for Art GCSE.

Brenda: What local art societies do you belong to?
Graham: I have had a life-long interest in Art and joined Corby Art Group in the 50s, later becoming a member of Kettering Art Society and then a founder member of the FPAA.

Brenda: Your pastels are lovely. Do you exhibit a lot?
Graham: I draw and paint solely for my own enjoyment now. I am not really interested in selling my work and rarely exhibit. The very act of putting pastel to paper gives me pleasure and that is enough for me.


























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