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Linda Jackson


Having had no formal training or qualifications in art, I began to take up art as a hobby after the children became older. I started by doing an occasional day or weekend course, then joined a local group - where I picked up some techniques from fellow artists and the tutor Richard Allen. John Black took over as tutor of this group and he encouraged me to join the Fellowship, and I began attending his life study evenings and monthly Sunday sessions at The Shed. Here is where I could indulge my favourite subject and meet many talented artists. The atmosphere and theatre of The Shed, and the wonderful models, have been an inspiration. John has always been so hospitable, helpful and encouraging.

Since becoming a member of the Fellowship I have entered paintings into some of its exhibitions - and have been fortunate to win ‘Best in Show’ in 2014, and in 2015 ‘Highly Commended', ‘Commended’ and the ‘Peter Jenkyns Memorial Prize’. It’s a good experience to view the paintings by different artists in the exhibitions and see many diverse subjects and media. I think we all learn by being exposed to other artists artwork.

During my time working at Northampton General Hospital I undertook - together with my brother, who is very artistic - to create an underwater mural in the childrens waiting area of the A&E department. We painted not only the walls but the ceiling too, creating 3D models of gulls' undersides and feet paddling in the sea and also a diver’s legs with flippers, dangling from the jetty painted on the ceiling. A fish tank we transformed into a treasure chest. It took several weekends to complete.

My brother and I also painted my bathroom ceiling with a copy of a classic Tiepelo picture. It takes soaking in the bath to a whole new realm!

I have also enjoyed other projects in the home, including creating a mock stained glass panel for a kitchen window, decoupaging and designing gothic hangings and pillars to cover large heating pipes that exist in our victorian house. Also I have done a vocational silversmithing / jewelry course at Nene College, and some weekend courses in clay portrait sculpture and mosaic - but painting is more of a constant in my life.

Every August I attend a workshop near Newark with Rob Wareing, a South African professional portrait artist. He spends half the year painting commissions in South Africa and then runs workshops in the UK. It gives me the opportunity to paint for five days with two models - completely concentrating, without the distractions of home.

On a Monday seven of us get together here in the afternoon to paint in a friendly capacity, pursuing our own subjects and media. We all find the company of the group enjoyable and helpful.

Art has been and is a very enjoyable aspect of my life - and as I’m writing this I realize how lucky I am to be able to participate in such an enriching and absorbing pastime.

Suzi – Model at The Shed


Dame Rosemary Murray


Part of Hospital Mural


Model at Rob Wareing’s workshop


Bindaree at Aintree


Red Rum


Bathroom Ceiling - after Tiepolo's ‘Hagar in The Wilderness’





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