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Veronica Dopson


I was born in Harrow, and from early childhood cannot remember a time where I did not draw.

At school I had an “arty” rival whose work alternated with mine when being hung on the classroom walls! Later my art teacher wanted me to take up a career in art, but in those days the only opening would be for teaching or commercial work. I did not fancy either! I had always wanted to be a nurse and as a child would dig up small bones from the garden - much to my mother’s consternation! She would boil them, and we tried to identify them - mouse? bird? - as I carefully mounted them on cotton wool.

I was always fascinated by bones, and it naturally followed that I would come to specialise in Orthopaedic nursing - initially at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Stanmore, then general nursing at the Middlesex London.

I married David Dopson in 1964, and we settled in to our maisonette in Harrow. About this time my brother gave me an oil painting set - which I couldn’t use, as I had only previously painted using poster paints. Opportunely, there was a professional painter living opposite who took in pupils, and he showed me how to paint using oils. As our family grew we realised we could not afford a larger home in London, so we moved “up North” to Earls Barton.

Art took a back seat to family life and going back to work. In time we moved on to Wollaston. I painted on and off for a few years but realised that there was more to it than just copying what I could see. I felt frustrated and decided to take an art degree in fine art painting at Northampton University. Being a secondary modern kid I did now know what I was capable of. The first morning there our tutor suggested he show me the IT unit and asked me to look up Google - I had never owned a computer! (I thought Google was an artist!).

It was hard work and a full time course alongside my three-day working week - but I was thrilled to graduate at the ripe old age of 63! The course taught me different ways of looking at things and I now favour realism with a contemporary slant. I am aiming to attain photo-realism, which fascinates me.

I came across the FPAA by accident as I wandered into an exhibition and was struck by the high standard of work on display. I was further encouraged by John Black at The Shed, and whilst exhibiting with the association I now paint happily to Classic FM in my studio (a shed in the garden!) in Finedon.

Although I usually work from my own photographs using the grid method, I also enjoy life drawing (not for the faint hearted!), and I am fascinated by still lifes and reflections of light playing. I also enjoy the occasional foray into “plein aire”, and I have recently branched out into portraits, which I find challenging. I am also a member of KDAS.

I look forward to hopefully many more years of painting and exhibiting...cataracts permitting!!









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