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Alf Howes

I was born in North Kensington, London in 1943, the third child of five and the only boy. We moved to a council estate near Watford when I was six, and - surrounded by woods and fields - I developed an interest in, but not knowledge of, natural history.

My mother left us when I was nine and my father did not really cope well - and with little parental guidance, I started to decline academically as well as personally. Although I loved my junior schoo,l I hated secondry school and couldn't wait to leave a fifteen.

I moved with my wife and two daughters to Rothwell in 1971, attracted by the low price of houses here.

I worked in the engineering industry in Kettering until I retired

I have many hobbies and interests, which is probably why I am not very good at any of them. I play guitar (badly), draw and paint (also badly), I like fishing and love my garden. I also like to read, mostly crime or historical fiction.

I do not regard myself as a poet, but as a man who has written a few poems. I am never sure I will find inspiration to write another or even to finish those that I have started.

If I had a magic wand

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Strictly dumb dancing

My daughter is a keen ballroom dancer, her enthusiasm inspired this poem.

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The history of you and me

I have for a very long time been interested in the evolution of life on this planet. This poem is my attempt to explain, in verse, the origin and evolution of mankind.

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This poem is just a nostalgic look at life in the 1950s.

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I learned about this man while learning to speak German. I was amazed that someone could achieve so much for the good of mankind and be so unknown.

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1066 and the Normans

Reading historical novels aroused an interest in history - and this poem grew out of that intetest.

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Keeping fit

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