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Carl Peach

Carl Peach is 53 years old. He obtained a degree in Communication Studies at Sunderland Polytechnic and was set to do a Masters in Journalism when he discovered that his father was dying of cancer. At that point he put his writing ambitions on hold for over 20 years until he began to write poetry and short pieces of prose as a means of coping with the sadness of the break-up of his marriage. He began performing his poetry live in 2017 and intends to publish some of his work in time for his 55th birthday in June 2019.

By his own admission, much of Carlís work is 'dark' as it tackles the subjects of separation, loss and unrequited love. However, since Carl joined Kezzabelle Amblerís Weaving Words writing group, he has manged to produce a few lyrical pieces that delight in the power of language to describe what many regard as routine and mundane. Many of Carlís pieces are short and punchy - especially since he likes to promote them on social media channels, where brevity is vital.

Carl works as a Marketing Consultant which includes web design, copywriting and video production. He loves sport, music and literature. He is a qualified cricket umpire and has been a member of Weekley and Warkton Cricket Club since 1981. He also has several fitness goals and ran his first half marathon in February of this year.

Carl lives in Kettering and has two beautiful daughters aged 25 and 19, who are both talented writers.


Written for a special friend one week before she was due to leave her home for pastures new. She was quite anxious about the prospect.

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On learning of the suicide of a school friend and recalling the torment he suffered at the hands of one teacher.

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There is a special lady who manages to induce the whole spectrum of emotions in me.

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Goodbye for Now

People pop in and out of your life all the time. You can be sad at their departure yet still delight in the treasure store of memories they created.

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Harsh Critic

What do you see when you look in a mirror? What if that reflection is somehow distorted and you donít see what others see?

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The Locus of my Thoughts

On being in close proximity to someone for whom you feel a warmth and attraction yet valuing the friendship too much to cross that line.

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I Forgot About That

Some things are too painful to recollect so we bury them instead.

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