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David Greenaway

David has 'officially' retired, pulling the shutters down on a 25-year fun - and sometimes adrenaline-fuelled - ride, running his management & training consultancy. 'Unofficially' he is still very active in the field of 'growing people', choosing projects that hold personal interest and fulfilment.

Well that’s the 'official' version!

The truth is I wrote and performed fantasy, sprinkled liberally with corporate daylight robbery – such is the life of a consultant. Being retired nearly drove me into insanity. Luckily I found real people, people who care – not about turnover, sales or profit – but about others. This is how I met and then joined (as a volunteer) a team of Occupational Therapists in a psychiatric unit. I love these guys, and love them being part of my new life. Also by chance (or was it?) I met the wonderful Kezzabelle Ambler, also doing her bit for the unit. Kezzabelle’s 'Weaving Words' group provided the next stage of my introduction to the world of real people: wonderful creative people; people who care little (actually not a jot) about the car you drive or the clothes you wear, your colour, creed or writing credentials. Laughter, learning, support and friendship are the only things in Kezzabelle’s unwritten rule book.

In my writing jotter I have a saying that I have copied. I have no idea of its author, but it is truth I hold dear: “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity”. My suits have all gone to where all suits should go – to a charity shop – and my new, real world friends call me 'Dave' (you will never know how much I hate 'David'!). Both facts are a metaphor for my liberation!

Through writing and performing, my rehabilitation and resettlement into the world of real people continues. I have opened a door to a world that in my previous life I never knew existed. I have a long way to go, but I am really enjoying my journey.

Groovy Grandads

Groovy Grandads was inspired by an actual event, a concert at the Pavilions Theatre in Weymouth last summer. My wife and I noted with some amusement, that the packed auditorium consisted entirely of 'Wrinkly’s'. In the interval I went to the loo. A glance in the mirror shocked and surprised me – I was one of “them” – a 'Wrinkly'!

Wrinkly: Noun (informal, derogatory, British) – an old person

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