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Ian Kellie

I was born in Kimbolton Road in Bedford in 1923 and educated at Bedford School. At eighteen, I went straight from school into the Royal Engineers. I had been brought up to be a mathematician and engineer but decided later it wasn’t for me, yet it proved difficult to change over.

After over six years’ military service I went to Cambridge and although academically disappointing I had a very enjoyable last year when I became president of the Footlights. I spent half my career in business in London and the rest in education.

At last, in my late fifties, I took the opportunity of a grant to study Speech and Drama and obtained diplomas at the Guildhall and LAMDA. Now here was a subject after my own heart, and I subsequently also went on to become an Examiner for LAMDA - going to various places round the country in this capacity.

However, in my studies for Speech and Drama, though I was required to study literature including poetry, this was for reciting rather than composing.

In my younger days I had found it comparatively easy to turn out at least light verse. But now in old age the words and the rhymes no longer come readily.

The Vimy Ridge Memorial


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