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Julia Thorley

Am I a poet? Iím not sure.

I am sure Iím a writer, however. My background is firmly in non-fiction, in which field I have worked for many moons - first as in-house editor for various publishers, then as a freelance. I have worked on hundreds of books on topics ranging from motor racing to dog training, cookery to philosophy, and I continue to prepare copy for non-fiction publications on anything and everything - including international banking, fitted kitchens and military aircraft.

However, even while I have been writing articles on lorry drivers with back ache and how to grow rhubarb, I have also written short fiction, and have had some modest success in competitions and a couple of lucky breaks in the womenís magazine market. Now, Iíve tentatively started to write poetry. Or is that true? Havenít I always written it? Letís not get into the poetry vs poetic prose discussion, but perhaps Iíve been a poet all along. Itís simply that Iíve never studied how to write it according to the rules. Do cheeky limericks count as poems? If so, Iím there!

Iíve recently self-published my first fiction collection, called Nine Lives: monologues and first-person stories for reading aloud. ĎNine Penceí is one of the pieces included and is written as though told by a fifteen-year-old girl.

Is it a poem?

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Nine Pence

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Wordsí Worth

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Burning Desire

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