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Nathan Jones

Born in 1970 in Northampton - one year before the Supremes made the name famous, and a dozen before Bananarama made it the bane of my life (I can hear some of you singing; please stop).

Uneducated at three different schools until I left at age 16. Just one encouraging comment in my school career made me write words in a row, mostly poetry.

I love to write dark comedy, and I enjoy writing for children. I need to write the rest to figure out what my mind is trying to tell me.

In 2013 I spoke my words aloud on stage for the first time at 'Raising the Awen' - a monthly poetry event in my home town, the same year I entered the competition to become the bard of Northampton. I didn't win.

A year later I did win.

In 2015 I was asked to write a piece to accompany a short film for a small production company called 'The Rest' for Channel Four television on the theme 'Why are small towns better than cities for creative thinking?'. Instantly the line 'our asylum is smaller that's why the madness is so condensed' came to mind, and I wrote a poem for that - which I think I am proud of.

Poem 1

I always write a new piece for a new opportunity to perform. This poem was written for the night at the Shed performing for the FPAA.

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Dentist Poem

This is one of my favourite pieces to perform. Almost a true story.

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This Valentines poem was written for the girl who first showed me what it meant to truly love and be loved.

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Toby's Quest

This poem was written for my grandson Toby. It was later printed a hundred times in little books and donated to a charity fund raiser in Northampton to raise money for presents to give out on Christmas Day on the children's ward of the local hospital

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Art and Literature

This one I wrote when I thought it easier to write six new poems for this page rather than choose from the archive. Fortunately a good friend or two helped me to select some favourites, and this is the only one of the six I am including

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Poem in Heart

This poem is a personal mantra and I invite you to copy it if you wish and keep it either in your screen or print it out. If it helps get your through a dark moment then it has done its work. Thank you.

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