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Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore was born in London of English and Guyanese heritage. She is a freelance writer/editor with experience in magazines, blogs and poetry anthologies.

Nicole is the editor and independent publisher of three anthologies of poems and personal essays by black and mixed-race women; two of which were funded by a Grants for the Arts award from Arts Council England. Nicole is also a published poet with with over 20 years' experience of being involved in literary arts, performing at numerous book readings and poetry evenings, in theatres, libraries, literary festivals, small publishers' fairs, mainstream and community bookshops with guest apperances on mainstream and community radio.

Between 2006 and 2008, Nicole hosted a vibrant monthly *Shangwe Poetry Night at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London, featuring over 50 artists and over 30 open mic performers. These activities developed and represented nationally and internationally diverse performers.

Nicole's literary projects have also involved travelling to the US and the Caribbean. Nicole is a self-published author: Born Between the Lines An Autobiography was published in December 2016.

* Shangwe is an East African Swahili female name and means 'Celebration' Writing Blog:

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» www.nicolemoore2014.blogspot.co.uk

Still a Tree

This poem relies on repetition - of a phrase, or just a word. It takes the form of a 'pantoum' - which is a poem of any length composed of four-line stanzas. In each stanza, the second and fourth lines serve as the first and third lines of the next stanza. The last line of a pantoum is generally the same as the first line.

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