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Nadine Platt

Nadine Platt is a British artist. She comes from a family of musicians. During her childhood she was immersed in all forms of art – music, fine art, poetry, prose. She was always spoiled for choice browsing through the endless shelves of her father’s library containing the best classical and modern books. She graduated from a musical school where she studied for seven years.

At the age of 12 she was accepted - through examinations - to an art school, where during four years she studied painting, drawing, sculpture, composition and history of art. Later she attended an art college reading fine art and design, and enriched her classical artistic experience through studying modern art styles - reading art and design as part of her BA Combined Honours Degree.

Her knowledge of French and English poetry was deepened at the State Linguistic University where she read French and English languages. Nadine speaks and writes in three languages - English, French, and Russian. She is always inspired by such great poets as Verlaine, Baudelaire, Mallarmé and Bassis; Pushkin, Blok, Mandelstam, Pasternak and Tsvetaeva; and Shakespeare, Milton, Scott and Longfellow.

At the graduation year of her Linguistic University she wrote her first poem in French 'Je suis en cinquième'. Later she also wrote in Russian and English - but for more than 10 years she has been writing solely in English. Her poem 'Gladiator' was published in the book of poems Angel’s Breath in 2008. Her poem 'Surfing Rhapsody' was chosen to be published in the National Poetry Anthology 2009, followed by 'Ballet Inside Out' published in Poetry in Motion in 2010.

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Ballet inside out

This poem was inspired by an unforgettable performance of a touring ballet theatre of Stephen Petronio from New York. It was presented in the Derngate and the Royal Theatre in Northampton and was dedicated to all who participated in creating such a breath taking performance. It was a modern ballet, full of innovative movements, creative costumes accompanied by cleverly stylised medieval music. It was about love, jealousy and broken hearts.

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The poem Gladiator was inspired by a book Spartacus written by a 19th century romantic Italian novelist Raffaello Giovagnoli. It was my first poem, which was published in the UK in a collection of poems Angel’s Breath in 2008.

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Surfing Rhapsody

This poem was chosen to be published in the UK National Poetry Anthology 2009. It is a philosophical poem, inspired by a documentary about people who dedicate their lives to the search of the great waves - surfing. The poem is questioning the reason for this kind of sport and the value of life.

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