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Rhiannon Hall

Rhiannon Hall was born and raised in the Kansas City area (Missouri, USA). As a child, she realised that words had power and magic and she especially loved the way the words dance in poetry. She uses poetry to explore the overlapping grey areas in life: faith and sexuality, hope and depression, love and loneliness, beauty in humanity’s imperfections and incongruencies.

She long dreamed of seeing Britain and that dream finally came true in the summer of 2017. She had also long dreamed of finding her soul mate. That dream also came true that same summer. She will soon marry her best friend and love of her life, Sarah Taylor, and make the official move to London.
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Rest Here

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Refine Me in Your Fire

I found a group of Christian writers on twitter (look up @5minutefriday or #fmfparty) who gather for a chat party on Thursday nights. They release a one-word writing prompt during that party. The catch is you have to abide by the 5-minute rule: set a timer for 5 minutes, write on the prompt, and you are not allowed to edit or add anything when the timer sounds. All are welcome to post their blog posts to the Five Minute Friday site over the week, where other writers can read and offer encouragement.

As a poet, I find this exercise really helps when I’m in a slump. Though I can’t often be part of the chat, I will occasionally check the twitter feed for the prompt and see where inspiration leads. This piece was written as a result of an #fmfparty prompt.

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Seeing Red

I wrote this in response to the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA) this past August as well as the general increase in hate crimes, discrimination, and anger at anyone who is “Other” in the world. As a gay Christian, I’ve been “othered” by both sides of that divide who forget or deny that a person can be both. My identity unites me with both sides of a long running hate war of misunderstanding and bigotry. I have peace about my identity, but I so often see how other demographics who are at war are reflected in those they most wish to destroy, and I wish they could see the same.

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She Saw You Stand

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The Stillness

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Trouble the Waters

As a gay Christian, I heard many of these comments directed at me. Before I came out, I heard all of them directed at others. Before I knew I was gay and had to process what that really meant to my faith and what my faith meant to my sexuality, I had even said some of these to others. I am thankful for the healing and peace that God granted me as I came to terms with my identity.

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