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Rachael White

Raye White, aka performance poet The Bendy Witch, has been writing publicly on her Poetry and blog website www.thebendywitch.com, since 2014. From childhood she was painfully shy and suffered with sensory overload, social anxiety and panic attacks, which led her on a journey of Self discovery. Her observations, experiences and self reflection informs much of her writing.

Last year she somehow found the courage to read her poems out at an open mic night and a whole new world has opened up as she keeps getting asked to 'perform' them. She laughs a little at the term 'performance poet'; at the moment she really just reads them out, but people still seem to quite like them. She’s having fun stepping out of her comfort zone and meeting lots of other wonderful, encouraging, creative poets and artists.

Raye (nickname for Rachael) has been teaching Yoga for 13 years and is a qualified Holistic, Reiki and Crystal Therapist; currently studying Shamanism. She is endlessly fascinated by the body/mind connection and the body’s potential to heal itself.

In 2015 she became an Ishaya Monk and acquired another name, Rajita Ishaya. She now helps people find their inner peace as a teacher of The Bright Path Ishayas’s Ascension Meditation.

Raye has two grown up daughters whom she adores. She lives a simple life on a boat in Northamptonshire. You might catch her practicing Yoga on her stand up paddle board on the River Nene or meditating outside with the trees. She loves being close to nature and is very much inspired by spirituality, love and grace. Many of her poems 'arrive' in the silence. She has learned, through meditation, to become a good listener.

Visit Rachael's Poetry and Blog website:
» www.thebendywitch.com

Dancing In-between the “I’s”

This poem arrived on the last leg of a train journey during the tail end of a sensory overload and anxiety attack, which had started midway through a Coaching Success course with Dr Robert Holden. Nothing made sense and I felt like I was being guide home by something far bigger than the little 'me' that appeared to be suffering. Through my experiences on the course and the opportunity to share, I was able to overcome my fear and blocks to writing, and much greater fear of reading my work out loud to an audience. My poetry had, up until that point, remained hidden! For years I’d written poems in the back of books in case anyone should randomly stumble across them. This poem received a standing ovation from the 65 course participants and has since received another. It marks a pivotal point in my life and I have been writing consistently ever since. I am very grateful for that anxiety attack! Often it’s in our darkest moments that our light has the invitation to come out.

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I See You

This poem was inspired by a practice I learnt on the Coaching Success program. Every morning, before we embarked on our journey of learning, we would walk around the room finding partners. We looked deeply into each others eyes as we’d say to each other, "I see You,” followed by, "I am here to be seen.” I cannot tell you how simple yet profound this practice is. I remembered as a sensitive child I often didn't understand what I was feeling or how to process all the information that I was sensing. Everything seemed to move me so deeply, so for a very long time I hid my eyes.

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Love Comes Knocking

This poem is a conversation between man and Love. It’s easy to confuse Love with desire, attachment and pain! I always come back to this poem when I’m making an absolute hash of my closest relationships, or losing mySelf to another. It points me back to my own Heart and reminds me that Love always has to start within and that Love is to be shared not claimed.

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The Beloved

I wrote this poem whilst on my Mastery of The Self Course when I was a Meditation Monk in training. The words in my poem I See You, “Let my gaze (Grace) be the anchor that steadies your vision in the ocean full of waves of Love,” got me curious. I understood the words as the Truth intellectually but I wanted a direct experience. The Universe obligingly led me to the The Bright Path Ishayas and I now practice and teach Ascension Meditation which gives me such an anchor. Ascension has helped me to See with Love instead of looking for Love, to be more authentic and accepting of myself and others, to move through life’s challenges with more ease and Grace. With Ascension I found the inner Peace that many a Sage has written about and it turns out it is never any further away than my next breath.

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God and Cheese

I honestly can’t remember what sparked this poem, but its about the power we give to words and how we let our own definitions affect our experience for better or worse! When we have solidified a word to the point that our mind believes it's an absolute truth, there is no space to see another's point of view, there is no listening, no innocence, no curiosity, no willingness to learn or even try to understand. "God" is one such word that has been solidified into many different and opposing opinions, yet by trying to define "God" we get locked in our mind and move away from the exact place where we can have a direct experience of God...Goddess...Grace...Source...Life... Here and Now.

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Spirit Imposter

I wrote this for someone close to me who was absolutely convinced that they didn’t have a problem with alcohol. I’d tried to express my concerns in normal conversations but been met with defensiveness, denial and resistance. Poetry can deliver the Truth in a way that hits home and has the power to bypass the mind and get right into the Heart. I have been asked a couple of times if this poem could be shared with partners with addictions and it has apparently opened up conversations which led them to seeking help.

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Ode to Jeremy Clarkson

This is a random poem that arrived just as series 22 of Top Gear was about to air... It’s self explanatory really. This one seems to be a favourite on open mic nights, along with God and Cheese.

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