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Linda Down

I was born in 1946 in old town of Hemel Hempstead. At the age od 2¾ I had a brother.

One evening at that time my next door neighbours took me for a walk in my pushchair whilst – I presume – mum was sorting out my new brother and my dad’s dinner.

It was about 6 o’clock – a lovely day in August. I was pushed up a lane with trees and bushes towards an allotment. I can remember the smell of blackcurrent bushes.

As I went up the hill the whole place was alive with light and I wasn’t a body – I was One with everything – I was Nowhere in this world. That’s where my poem came from “Nowhere”. And so I have been looking / searching for this Oneness / Nowhere in the world ever since.

I got sucked into the world of dreams by the ego’s conditioning learning tactics, but I have always been looking for the Peace of total inclusion and expansion.

At age of 5-ish my mum bought a book from a travelling salesman about God and Jesus. I opened it up immediately. As I opened it up I knew it was important to me. I started to look for Jesus. I never had a problem with God – and knew Him to be Love, but who was this Jesus who knew every thought I had.

Was he like Father Christmas because he had “Christ” in his name – Jesus Christ / Christmas.

I would go to bed at night, still very young and for 5 years or more – I could zoom up and down a light shaft to the light at the top but never go over – not my time to go to God in Heaven. I promised myself and Jesus before I died I would know Jesus. And so I have been searching for the Christ within me and know Jesus. Mum and Dad were not religious but they were good ordinary people with integrity and great kindness.

When I wrote these poem words last year I think my “innerness” came out onto paper. My life hasn’t been without sadness and problems but my goal has always been to go home to God with Jesus. With reference to my beloved “Minnie” dog – she was my son’s - she chose Chris and myself and we loved her immediately from a litter of 7 brothers and herself. My son moved on and she became my dog. I loved Minnie – a lurcher – we went everywhere together – all my friends and relations loved her gentleness. She was 16 when she passed over on November 6th 2019. I miss her still but I know she is with me wherever I go, especially on my walks. I talk to her often.

My life has been looking after children, people and animals. I am now moving into a New Beginnings, leaving all past grievances and guilt behind, embracing the NOW. The future has not happened. I am not religious but follow a spiritual path, just an ordinary oldy who tries to live from the inside – not many people know that. I believe everyone has deep inner knowledge and awareness that there is more to this dream world – so this is what has come out in my writings – it seems.

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