The Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists holds an annual summer exhibition, when FPAA members are invited to submit examples of their work for public display and appraisal by an external assessor.

Since 2007 entries to the FPAA's annual exhibition have been judged by David Rafer BA (Hons), PhD.

2014 Summer exhibition

The 2014 exhibition was held at Wellingborough Museum, and the town's Mayor attended and addressed the preview evening's gathering on 1st August. Among the guests was Daniel Hanbury, one of our Patrons. This year 150 entries were displayed, once again highlighting the great creativity and talents of the artists who have used this opportunity for self-expression.

Congratulations to all who exhibited and made it so worthwhile. Over 500 visitors came to the exhibition during the week, we have 10 new members, and 20 paintings were sold.

FPAA Summer exhibition 2014

Many thanks to all members of the FPAA who helped to set up the exhibition and monitored it during the week. Michael Mcguire was the exhibition co-ordinator and arranged the sympathetic hanging of the paintings. He was assisted by Graham Plant, David A Hunt, John Walton, Tony Young, Bryan Benford, Mike Harpin, Clifford Knight, George Potter and Jill Smith. Jaqui Tomlin dealt with the publicity, and the exhibition was advertised twice in the Evening Telegraph and featured on the front page of Nene Valley News. The exhibition catalogue was organised by David C Hunt, and the invitation poster and catalogue design was by Brenda McKetty. Juliet Illsley, Monica Storey and Lin Hunt received the exhibits, and Mary Morris and Shirley Smith dealt with the exhibition supervision rota. Diana Black very kindly provided sandwiches.

As always our thanks are due to David Rafer, who spends so much time on the critique and evaluation. As well as providing constructive feedback in his review of the exhibition, David Rafer singled out a number of works for special mention, commendation and awards.

Jean Daker FFPAA
FPAA Vice Chair

Download a full version of Jean Daker's exhibition report Download David Rafer's review of the exhibition

Awards and commendations

Best in Show

Linda Jackson for No 51, 'Keith Richards' (pastel).
Linda Jackson: ‘Keith Richards’ (pastel)   Runner up
Sarah Janavicius for No 54, 'Enchanted Woodland' (mixed media collage).
Sarah Janaviscius: 'Enchanted Woodland' (mixed media collage)

Visitors' Choice

John Black for No. 9, 'The Fullness of Time'
(oil on canvas).

John Black: ‘The Fullness of Time’ (oil on canvas)

This painting was started by John in an hour's painting master class and completed in the studio.

The words of a psalm accompany the work.

Psalm 65:11-13
11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.
12 They drop upon the pastures of the wilderness: and the little hills rejoice on every side.
13 The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered over with corn; they shout for joy, they also sing.


The Patricia Glen Memorial Prize
Elsie Merris-Osborne for No. 79, 'Highland'
(oil on canvas).

Elsie Merris-Osborne: ‘Highland’ (oil on canvas)

  The Peter Jenkyns Memorial Prize
Clifford Knight for No. 64, 'St. Peter's, Bucks'
(oil on canvas).

Clifford Knight: ‘St. Peter’s, Bucks’ (oil on canvas)

The Vivien Schofield Memorial Prize
David Miles for No. 81, 'Geese through the Reeds'

David Miles: ‘Geese through the Reeds’ (watercolour)

  The Celia Hanbury Memorial Prize
June Heath for No. 37, 'I Need a Home'

June Heath: ‘I Need a Home’ (pastel)

Best in category

Best Drawing
Freda Giddings for No. 29, 'Pleasure from Shells - Turtle'
  Freda Giddings: ‘Pleasure from Shells – Turtle’ (pencil)
Best Embroidery
Dorothy McGuire for No. 77, 'Contemporary Goldwork'
  Dorothy McGuire: ‘Contemporary Goldwork’ (goldwork)
Best Collage
Stella Benford for No. 6, 'Jet Stream meets Dawlish'
(mixed, collage).
  Stella Benford: ‘Jet Stream meets Dawlish’ (mixed, collage)
Best 3D
Stella Benford for 'When Water Fills the Hungry Land'
  Stella Benford: ‘When Water Fills the Hungry Land’ (ceramic)
Best Textile
Freyja Montali for No. 83, 'Woven Hummingbird'
(mixed media).
  Freyja Montali: ‘Woven Hummingbird’ (mixed media)
Best Mixed Media
Mary Waudby for No. 138, 'Crucible'
  Mary Waudby: ‘Crucible’ (acrylic)
Best Life Study
Graham Plant for No. 103, 'Reclining Model'
  Graham Plant: ‘Reclining Model’ (pastel)
Best Still Life
Veronica Dopson for No. 26, 'Dining in'
(oil on canvas).
  Veronica Dopson: ‘Dining in’ (oil on canvas)
Best Portrait
Dawne Harpin for No. 35, 'Dr. Rowan Williams'
  Dawne Harpin: Dr. Rowan Williams’ (oil)
Best Pastel
Jean Daker for No. 22, 'Surfers' Wave'
  Jean Daker: ‘Surfers’ Wave’ (pastel)
Best Watercolour
Christine Fitch for No. 27, 'Hogweed'
  Christine Fitch: ‘Hogweed’ (watercolour)
Best Acrylic
Barbara Jones for No. 55, 'Rip Tide'
  Barbara Jones: ‘Rip Tide’ (acrylic)
Best Oil
Robert Pearce for No. 97, 'Isham from the River Ise'
(oil on canvas).
  Robert Pearce: ‘Isham from the River Ise’ (oil on canvas)

Highly Commended

Laurence Jones No 57, 'Squall over Beachy Head' (acrylic)
Helen Olden No 87, ‘Affection’ (acrylic)
Jill Smith No. 116, ‘English Long Horn Bull’ (acrylic)
Veronica Dopson No. 25, 'On Reflection' (oil on canvas)
Jacqui Tomlin No. 129, 'Canada in the Fall' (acrylic)
Stella Benford No. 5, 'Electrifying' (mixed)
Jenny Patel No. 92, 'Lily' (acrylic)
Brian Munton No. 86, 'River Alde, Snape' (watercolour)
Ray Carter No. 15, 'Cherry Hall, Finedon' (acrylic)
David A. Hunt No. 44, 'Elton' (felt pen)
Brenda Lett No. 68, 'Home Time 2' (oil)
Noel Horrell No. 42, 'Newcastle Tyne Bridge' (watercolour)
Marion Smart No. 111, 'Coverack, Cornwall' (acrylic)


Juliet Illsley No. 50, 'Teasles' (watercolour)
Louise Thomas No. 125, 'Mount Orgueil, Jersey' (watercolour and ink)
John Walton No. 132, 'Green is the Prime Colour of the Wood' (watercolour)
Diana Swain No. 122, ‘Glimpse of Fruit’ (oil)
Joy Barry No. 4, 'Looking Out' (acrylic)
John Avery Taylor No. 124, 'Spanish Dancers' (acrylic)
Annabelle Paramour No. 89, Beaconsthorpe Castle' {sic.} (watercolour)
Fiona Hagger No. 32, 'Kayleigh' (watercolour)
Marlene Snee No. 119, 'Cottages in Mousehole' (pen and wash)
Ann Smith No. 113, 'Storm Brewing' (watercolour)
Ian Kellie No. 61, 'The Bluebells Beckon' (pastel)
Richard D. Jones No. 60, 'Sunlit Field, Dodford Manor, Weedon' (oil)




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