The Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists holds an annual summer exhibition, when FPAA members are invited to submit examples of their work for public display and appraisal by an external assessor.

Since 2007 entries to the FPAA's annual exhibition have been judged by David Rafer BA (Hons), PhD.

2015 Summer exhibition

The Annual Exhibition of the FPAA was opened at the Preview evening on Friday 31st July by the Mayor of Wellingborough Barry Graves, accompanied by his wife the Mayoress. In his opening remarks he was extremely complimentary concerning the standard of the paintings. The Mayor spoke with John Black regarding paintings that are owned by the Council - including several by John - and offered an open invitation for the Fellowship to view these. He will liaise with Jaqui Tomlin (Publicity) re dates.

The Preview was well attended, with a wealth of lovely paintings - and I must admit to going round several times to enjoy such talent. Prior to the Preview Dr David Rafer had, as usual, spent an enormous amount of time on his critique and evaluation. Dr Rafer lives in Norfolk and we are most grateful for the amount of time he spends with the FPAA.

Congratulations to all the award winners and also to all who exhibited. On viewing the exhibition it seems to me the standard is becoming higher. It was a great help having more screens to give extra space for each painting.

Thanks are due to Jaqui Tomlin, David C Hunt and Michael McGuire. Jaqui dealt with the publicity, David organised the exhibition catalogue and Michael was the exhibition co-ordinator. Due to limited space I am sorry not to mention the names of the vast number of helpers involved in accepting the paintings, hanging, supervising and monitoring the exhibition etc whilst it was open. This involved much time and effort, and their help was much appreciated.

560 people visited the Exhibition, which ran from 1st to 8th August. The sales of five paintings and four from the browser were extremely disappointing as 24 works were sold last year, The Best Visitors’ Choice was Robert Pearce’s 'Autumn Irchester Park'; second was John Black’s 'In Summertime on Bredon'; third was Veronica Dopson’s 'Sisters'; forth was Elsie Merris-Osborne's 'Lioness'; and Sarah Janavicius was in fifth place with 'Through the Textural Woodland'.

Carry on with the masterpieces!

Jean Daker FFPAA
FPAA Chair

Download David Rafer's review of the exhibition

Awards and commendations

Best in Show

Paul Hill for No. 36, ‘Theatre’ (pencil).
    Runner up
Robert Pearce for No. 88, ‘Autumn Irchester Park’ (oil on canvas).

Visitors' Choice

Robert Pearce for No. 88, ‘Autumn Irchester Park’ (oil on canvas).      


Founder’s Award
Jason Black (no relation to the FPAA founder!) for No. 11, ‘Butterfly Shoal’ (silk painting).

The Patricia Glen Memorial Prize
Michael Pollard for No. 95, ‘Ximena’s New Dress’ (pencil mixed).

The Peter Jenkyns Memorial Prize
Linda Jackson.

Vivienne Schofield Memorial Prize
Juliet Illesley.

The Celia Hanbury Memorial Prize
Helen Olden for No. 80, ‘Autumn’ (acrylic on canvas).

Best in category

Best Exhibit by an Under 18 Year Old Member
Arun Kowcun for No. 58, ‘Ed’ (oil on canvas).

Best Ceramic
Stella Benford for No. 8, ‘The Hare’ (Ceramic).

Best Mixed Media
Clifford Knight for No. 57, ‘St Mary’s, Clophill’ (acrylic).

Best Sculpture
Helen Olden for No. 81, ‘Sweet Dreams’ (Bronzed white clay).

Best Collage
Sarah Janavicius for No. 50, ‘Through the Textural Woodland’ (Mixed Media textural collage).

Best Portrait
David Jones for No. 53, ‘The Dalai Lama’ (Pastel).

Best Pastel
Jean Daker for No. 21, ‘Moonlight at Marloes Beach’ (Pastel).

Best Life Study
Graham Plant for No. 93, ‘Shed on Sunday’ (Pastel).

Best Embroidery
Dorothy McGuire for No. 63, ‘Hoopoe’ (silk embroidery / goldwork).

Best Textile
Marjorie Phelps for No. 89, ‘The Bride’ (Embroidery).

Best Pen and Wash
David A Hunt for No. 41, ‘Holdenby’ (felt pen).

Best Watercolour
Christine Fitch for No. 27, ‘Anemones’ (watercolour).

Best Pencil Drawing
John Bailey for No. 4, ‘Lost Signal Box’ (pencil).

Best Acrylic
Jacqui Tomlin for No. 122, ‘Mystic Wood’ (acrylic).

Best Oil
Ray Roadnight for No. 102, ‘Megan’ (oil).

Highly Commended

Michael McGuire No. 66, ‘The Dreamers’ (mixed media)
Elsie Merris-Osborne No. 72, ‘Blue’ (oil)
Linda Jackson No. 48, ‘Eve of 2nd World War Mother’s Wedding Day’ (charcoal and pastel)
Veronica Dopson No. 23, ‘Sisters’ (oil on canvas)
Shirley Smith No. 110, ‘A Favourite Walk, Ashridge’ (Acrylic)
David Miles No. 74, ‘I Like It’ (watercolour)
David C Hunt No. 44, ‘Ann’s Cottage Garden’ (pastel)
Lin Hunt No. 45, ‘Elephant’ (acrylic)
Peter Phelps No. 91, ‘The Ceramic Mirror’ (acrylic)
David A Hunt No. 42, ‘Twilight’ (pastel)
Marion Smart No. 104, ‘Kilchurn Castle and Loch Awe’ (acrylic)
Brian Munton No. 77, ‘Hadrian’s Wall’ (oil on board)


Joy Barry No. 5, 'Frosty Morning’ (oil)
Brenda McKetty No. 70, ‘What Shall We Do This afternoon?’ (acrylic / mixed media)
Maureen Parnell No. 83, ‘Autumn Mists’ (watercolour)
Maureen Parnell No. 84, ‘Bradbourne Winter Sunrise’ (watercolour)
Barbara Jones No. 51, ‘Canadian Idyll’ (acrylic)
Allan McIntosh No. 67, ‘Tiger Abstraction’ (acrylic).
Jill Smith No. 106, ‘Clyde Steamer’ (acrylic)
John Walton No. 126, ‘Vista I’ (watercolour)
June Heath No. 33, ‘Tranquil Norfolk’ (acrylic).
Jasper Stinchcombe No. 114, ‘Man Walking off a Ship’ (oil on canvas)
Marlene Snee No. 112, ‘Make a Wish’ (watercolour).
Mary Morris No. 140, ‘Summer Lane’ (watercolour & gouache).
Ros Smith No. 108, ‘Forest Floor’ (watercolour)
Linda Jackson No. 47, ‘Summer’s Day in Abington Park’ (oil)
Michael Oakes No. 79, ‘Dappled Rocks, Devon’ (watercolour)





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